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Description and characteristics of the mid-season potato variety Aurora


Growing potatoes is not easy. To obtain a rich harvest will require a good physical form, constant care, taking measures to prevent diseases. Everything else variety of varieties makes you think about the correctness of the choice of a particular variety. Potatoes Aurora is suitable even for novice gardeners, a fruitful, unpretentious variety, has excellent taste, the description and characteristics of which are given in this review.

About variety Aurora

Variety Aurora was entered in the state register in 2006. Recommended for cultivation in almost the entire European part of Russia.


Blossom potato bushes of Aurora variety are short-lived, but very beautiful

Bushes are tall, powerful, so more sunlight is being poured, but at the same time they can fall apart. Requires constant hilling to maintain leaves. The leaves are light green in color, with wavy edges.

Corollas of flowers are purple-red, the bloom is beautiful, but not long.

Variety description

Potatoes Aurora is a mid-season variety. The time from planting to harvest depends on the region of cultivation: in the southern regions about 70 days, in the north a little more - 90 days.

It has good preservation of tubers. The variety is resistant to diseases called potato nematode and potato cancer. Resistance to a fitoftor - average.

Aurora variety resistant to potato cancer, golden potato nematode

Basically, the mass of one potato is 100-150 gramsbut there are also huge weighing 300-500 grams. Tubers of a gentle beige color, oblong shape. The skin is thin, smooth.

The eyes are small, barely noticeable, when cleaning the potatoes they interfere. Tuber marketability is good.

You can cook any dish from the tubers, as it has excellent taste. It is for its taste that gardeners often choose it.


On average, one bush of Aurora can form up to 10 - 20 tubers

It is quite a fruitful variety. From one hectare, you can get a crop equal to 300 centners of potatoes. From one bush collect from 9 to 20 tubers.


The variety has gained its popularity due to the following advantages.:

  • A great taste
  • Good yield
  • Resilience to diseases
  • Beautiful marketable condition
  • Good preservation


Potatoes Aurora refers to mid-season varieties

Deficiencies have been identified. A minor minus is that you have to wait before eating fresh potatoes. For such purposes, the early varieties are better suited. But this is just a minor trifle, fruitful potatoes Aurora will provide the family with fragrant, crumbly potatoes for the whole winter.

Reviews of potato Aurora

Gardeners and gardeners involved in the cultivation of potatoes Aurora:

Lena, Kostroma.Aurora is a great variety. Beautiful, tasty, not affected by disease. Sit down, you will not regret!

Larisa, Nizhnevartovsk.Soot 3 years in a row, really like it. Potatoes tasty, well boiled soft. Storage is long.

Maxim, Voronezh.We plant several years already. Enough and eat, and for sale. Buyers like its shape, attractive look and it tastes great.

Growing up

Aurora is not capricious, but To get a good harvest you must comply with certain conditions. for comfortable growth.

Step by step process of growing

Seed potatoes Aurora with sprouts

Preparation of inoculum should be started one month before planting. For this seed tubers are placed in a cool and bright place.

For planting fit only not damaged by disease tubers with powerful sprouts.

Soil preparation is usually started in the fall. Half-ripe manure is added to the soil, dug up and left until spring.. It does not matter if the fall failed to fertilize the soil. In the spring, when planting in the wells, you can add humus, compost or superphosphate.

It is impossible to make fresh manure, it will lead to a decrease in yield due to the oversaturation of soil with nitrogen.

The depth of seeding of tubers depends on the region and temperature conditions. The warmer the climate, the deeper the wells drip. In warm regions, the depth of the hole is 13-15 cm, in cold - 9-10 cm.

Planting potatoes Aurora in open ground

Shrubs are high, sprawling, when planting between rows make a distance of 60-80 cm. Tubers neatly, in order not to damage fragile shoots, are placed in the holes and covered with 10 cm of earth.


The main set of care activities includes:

  • Watering
  • Hilling
  • Top dressing

When the first shoots appear, the bushes are watered in 6-7 days. Before the emergence of seedlings watering is not required, because the moisture in tubers is enough to start germination.

Aurora tolerates drought perfectly, therefore, when grown in conditions of a middle band, in irrigation, it may not be necessary

Aurora likes abundant watering. Water consumption when watering is 2-3 liters per 1 bush. It is worth watering every week before flowering begins. With the appearance of buds increase watering. Abundant soil moisture, when tubers are formed, will help increase yields. Thus, the crop is increased by a third.

Watering in hot weather is better to start in the evening.

Spud Aurora better as much as possible, the bushes need support. The first hilling after the appearance of the first shoots, the second when the plant reaches 15 cm.

The best feeding - liquid fermented bird droppings. It also uses urea, saltpeter for feeding.

Excess nitrogen fertilizers are detrimental to the crop, they are used only before the formation of buds.

Disease resistance

Aurora has good disease resistance.

The terrible enemy of potatoes - late blight, from which the Aurora is moderately protected. The potato is well protected from potato cancer and the golden nematode.

If you take care of potatoes, water, spud, feed, additional protection is not required.

Preparations against pests and diseases

  • Potato pests - Colorado potato beetle, medvedka. To combat them use drugs Konfidor and Medvetoks.
  • From the wireworm will help Prestige.
  • For the prevention of brown rot in the spring before planting the tubers are treated with the drug Fundazole.


Harvesting begins 3 months after planting. With proper care from one bush up to 25 potatoes are harvested.. Harvesting is better to start in dry weather.

The harvested potatoes are sorted, the selected ones are stored in boxes at a temperature of +3 +5 degrees.

Potato varieties Aurora, which does not require special care, suitable even for inexperienced gardeners. High yield and taste will delight those who chose the Aurora variety.