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Proper cultivation of onion Chernushka seed


Onions - a mysterious plant. His homeland has not yet been established. Its useful properties are known to all. Onions are many vitamins and microelements. You can grow a good harvest from seed - small heads, and from black hole - its seeds. Let us examine in detail the cultivation of seeds.

Description and characteristics of Chernushka onions

Chernushka - is the seeds of all the onion familiar to us. From these seeds you can grow a large number of onion bulbs of various varieties.. It all depends on what varieties of seeds were collected from.

Onion seeds Chernushka

Chernushka - small seeds, they got the name because of its black color. They are more than poppy seeds or radish. Uneven, ribbed, slightly oblong. From seeds we grow a small onion, which is called a sevok, and from a sev we already grow large heads. Thus, the process of growing lasts two seasons. There are technologies that allow growing heads out of chernushki in one season.

Onion Bolls

To get Chernushka in the country or in the garden, we select several heads that we liked and plant in the ground in order to get seeds from them. Onion umbrellas grow, which bloom and after flowering, they throw out seeds. There is a danger that flowers will spoil wasps or onion flies. Vegetable growers cover flowers with gauze protective capswhich protect umbrellas from precipitating seed mass into the ground and prevent insects from spoiling them.

Time to plant seeds

After collecting the seeds, they can be planted. Chernushka checked for germination. Good grains go up seventy-five percent or more. Last year's seeds may not ascend at all. Germination is checked in the usual way. Planting material is laid out on a moistened cloth, then after a few days, check how much has sprung. This determines the percentage of germination.

Checking seeds Chernushka germination

Chernushka planted in the soil in early spring or late autumn.

If you live in the city, you can germinate seeds on the windowsill, then from the pallets to plant in the ground.

Growing seedlings in the apartment occurs in the autumn and end of February. Growing up in an apartment requires special care. It is necessary:

  • keep an eye on humidity;
  • perform temperature conditions;
  • stick to the optimum illumination.

The boxes for the cultivation of Chernushka can be any, the soil in the boxes should be light. Grains can be sown in rows, and can be chaotic. Sprouted seedlings can be planted in the soil in April.

Preparation of beds for onions

The beds for onions are cooked in the fall. The earth must be dug up.

Bed for planting onions chernushki

Peel the weeds, add peat and humus to it, make it easy so that the chernushka makes it easier to germinate. In the spring you need to hurry with the planting of onions. Plant need to be no later than April, and you can even in the February thaw, if later, do not have time to form a head.

How to plant nippers in the open ground in the spring

Both chernushka and seedlings can be planted in open ground. Seeds are planted to a depth of 1–2 centimeters. In light soils planted at 3 centimeters to prevent seed blowing in strong winds. Before planting, chernushka is treated for pests and diseases. It is possible to process the soil. You can pour rows with onion grains after planting.

It is undesirable to plant chernushka in a dry ground, especially germinated seeds, since the tender stems can dry out and disappear

Sowing onion seeds before winter is no different from spring sowing.. Places for planting in the garden should be changed to get rid of onion pests.

Onion planting rules according to Minaeva

Very comfortably plant the seeds on wet toilet paper, gradually folding it into a roll. Then the roll is placed in a container in which the water, the grains germinate, this seedling is cut once on greens, the greens are eaten. On a package 2 drops of "Epin" drip.

Growing Chernushka on wet toilet paper

Minaeva advises not to grow nippers themselves, and buy in stores. Advise varieties:

  • Odintsovo;
  • Chalcedony;
  • Myachkovsky 300.

In the ground advises to plant in the furrows. Chernushka does not like sparseness, therefore seeds sow quite densely already germinated in previously prepared grooves.

Sprinkles salt in the grooves. The ground should be wet.

Before planting, germinates seed as follows:

  • puts the grain on wet gauze;
  • cheesecloth puts in the bag, then the bag inflates and sets on a sunny window, it turns out a mini greenhouse, the seeds germinate in a day or two.
Sprouted Onion Seeds

After planting, the seeds slightly fall asleep with a flat cutter. In the process of growth, seedlings erupt for food. Heads grow big. Recommends planting grade Bessonovsky.

Proper care after planting

After planting, it is not necessary to water immediately, the grains with water can go deep into the ground, it will be difficult for them to germinate. It is necessary to thin out shoots several times. Greens are used for food. When several mature sheets appear, you can feed the solution with cow dung in a ratio of 1 to 5. There are also remarks that onions cannot be fed, without additional fertilizing it is stored better.

At too thick planting, the onion of chernushka is thinned

Mistakes in care are:

  • planting culture at one place;
  • incorrect choice previous plants in place of the bow;
  • irregular watering and loosening the soil;
  • rare thinning of shoots or heads.

Diseases and their prevention

Onion Peronosporosis

In order for the onion not to hurt you need:

  • next to him plant dill, carrot;
  • deep dig the soil in autumn under the beds;
  • apply the necessary drugs to combat onion pests.

Harvesting and storage guidelines

Onions are harvested at the end of August. Onion very neatly undermines and breaks out. Heads can not be damaged. Then torn greens decompose for drying. We monitor the humidity. If the humidity rises, the crop is stored in the room. Plants are laid out in one layer. When it dries, dried leaves and husks are removed.

When the neck of the plant dries up, they dig out the tree

The more carefully the plants are picked, the better they are stored. Crop is stored at a temperature of about eighteen degrees. During storage, it is periodically checked and damaged bulbs removed. Stored until the next harvest.


Caring for chernushka onions requires constant since the selection of planting material for planting. Sprouting seed, planting them in the ground and harvest. With the right approach to all these works, really grow a good harvest of onions at low cost of seed.