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6 varieties and varieties of onions


Onions are used to prepare many dishes, so any housewife when choosing crops for growing on his plot prefers several varieties at once. Diversity on the beds allows you to create new masterpieces in the kitchen, and at the same time to improve in gardening. In this article, we will learn what types of onions, domestic and wild, there are, let's talk about their description and find out the main characteristics.

Varietal variety of onions: what species are there?

Taking over the experience of their ancestors, often the same varieties of onions are preferred when planting a vegetable garden. It is time to change stereotypes, improve and achieve new results, because the dish can play with new flavors, if you use Setton or Leek instead of common bulb. Moreover, in central Russia it is possible to plant a large number of species, as practice has shown. Though salad, even green. And then we learn where some species can grow.

Onions in the garden plot
To determine the choice of seeds of bulbous plants, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of different species, their preferences and the nuances of planting. Also pay attention to the compliance of the conditions of growth of culture and climate of the region. This will be discussed in this article.

Most popular onion varieties

All varieties of culture are distinguished not only by their taste, but also by the rules of planting, ripening, and yield.

Bow Sevok

  • Chalcedony grows in open field, is very popular among gardeners of the southern regions of Russia. Suitable for growing feathers and roots. The ripening period (from planting to harvest) is 95-110 days. On average, 4 kg is removed from a square meter with a commodity weight of one small specimen 85-100 g. Sometimes there are onions weighing up to 400 grams. There is good immunity to peronospora, vulnerability to cervical rot. Taste: Pleasant with a little glass.
  • Stuttgarter rizen early maturation, from sowing to harvest takes about 3 months. Round-flat onions on average curtain 150-250 grams, but there are also giants up to 350 grams. The plant rarely shoots, does not become covered with spots characteristic of downy mildew. Taste: spicy with a sharp flavor.
  • Souboll is characterized by large round bulbs with an average weight of up to 200 grams. The root crop ripens about 100-110 days, gives a good harvest. Taste: delicate with a slight hint of spiciness, used mainly for making salads.

Onions (turnip)

  • The little toy represents the mid-season look.It is distinguished by rounded onions of medium size weighing about 60-70 grams. Used for greenery and cultivation of turnips for disembarking next season. The center is white and juicy with a light wit.
  • The shaman refers to the early ripening varieties, matures in 86-95 days. The root crop has an elongated shape, pink-red rather juicy middle. The average weight of turnip - 55-65 gr. Advantages: stable high yield, high taste. Stored for a short time.
  • Oporto matures for 98-107 days, refers to mid-season species. Turnip weight reaches 270-300 grams, the shape is correct, rounded. Advantages: high yield when using seedlings, immunity to diseases and pests, long keeps marketable appearance. Tastes allow using oporto for all types of processing.

Varieties of salad onions

  • The exhibition ripens for about 130 days, it tastes very sweet with copious juice. The turnips are round and very large, reaching 550 gr., But there are also instances of 700-800 gr. The only disadvantage of culture is a small storage period (no more than 3 months).
  • Yalta is incredibly popular due to its excellent taste. The plant ripens in 138-150 days, turnips are large, flattened in purple tones, reaching an average of 200 grams. In the middle lane to grow a variety can be using seedlings. Onions are stored for up to 4 months.
  • Ermak is a record holder in maturation, the crop is removed 75-95 days after seeding. Differs in good immunity, long shelf life (until next season). The gastronomic feature is a soft, juicy structure with a slight sharpness.

Red onion

  • Crimson ball matures in 85-95 days, annually produces a stable harvest. Dark purple round turnips justify the name. The middle juicy pleasant taste, shaded by a light wit. A defect is a short shelf life (up to 4 months).
  • Campillo F1 is a hybrid red onion, having a rounded shape with a dense middle and a pleasant purple hue. Advantage - the pigment is not transferred to the kitchen utensils and fabric. Tastes: delicate structure with copious juice, well-perceptible sweetness. It can be stored for a long time without losing its properties.
  • Retro is famous for its high yield and fast aging (up to 90 days). The middle of the gentle dark red with white stripes. Onions are very sweet without spiciness, so it is added even to children's salads.

White bow

  • Albenka is fast maturing (up to 95 days) and interesting flavors that combine light sharpness and sweetness. Grown for greenery and onion sets. Not suitable for long term storage.
  • The white globe possesses good germination of seeds and fast ripening. You can harvest in 95-105 days after planting. Rounded, slightly elongated turnip on average curls 160 grams. The variety has a high stable yield, immunity to fusarium.
  • Sterling is a group of white onion hybrids with a maturity of 110-120 days. The average weight of turnips is 120-200 g. Round shape with white husk. The middle is soft and juicy with an unusual taste, not similar to other species. Root storage is short (3-5 months), but when grown, immunity to many diseases and pests is noted.

Sweet onions

  • Kaba ripens in 145-155 days, has immunity to disease. Productivity is stable, stored up to 4-5 months. The weight of a round turnip with a slight pressure is 80-125 grams. The middle is dense, but sweet and juicy.
  • Globo ripens 110-125 days, the size of the root is a real giant. The weight of one onion reaches 600-900 grams. The taste is delicate, sweetish, perfect for salads and various other dishes. Growing crops from seedlings, you can get a crop from 1m2 to 12 kg.
  • The Spanish 313 is distinguished by its yield, immune to diseases and pests, suitable for fresh consumption and processed. The weight of an average turnip makes 120-150 gr., The form rounded large. Onions have long been recognized by domestic gardeners and are popular due to their unpretentious care and sweet taste notes. Productivity from 1 m2 - 4-5 kg.

Names of varieties of onions for storage

  • Red baron has a dark red color, onion is rounded slightly flattened. The plant matures in just 90-95 days, the weight of turnip is 95-110 grams. Advantages: stable, high yield, light taste with a little ostryk.
  • Volsky bow prefers nutritious light soils. The root crop ripens in 120-140 days with an average weight of 90-140 grams. The turnip grows in such a way that the top is on top of the ground, which simplifies the collection. Taste features: the sharpness is well felt.
  • Orion It represents an exclusive hybrid, on the breeding of which English breeders worked for a long time. The variety ripens quickly, which makes it possible to grow crops even in the northern regions. The turnip has the correct rounded shape of a beautiful purple color with an average weight of 150-200 grams. Orion is very popular among gardeners, but most likely it will not grow in the Moscow region or the Urals.

The best bulbs for the Moscow region

  • Centurion Gained popularity worldwide due to its high taste. Rounded elongated turnip reaches weight up to 110 g. The yield is average, but stable (up to 3-4 kg with 1m2). Advantages of a grade: it is not subject to release of arrows, a long period of storage (till 8-9 months), resistance to rotting. Root has a pungent taste.
  • Hercules is considered a fertile culture, giving from one square meter to 8-9 kg of root crops. Breeders, working on a hybrid, initially set the task of obtaining long-lasting onions. The result exceeded expectations - good resistance to diseases, long-term storage without loss of useful properties, resistance to the whims of nature. Turnip weight - up to 120 gr., Taste at the height (lightness, juicy, moderately sweet).
  • Sturon represents a hybrid grown by Dutch breeders. As a result of painstaking work, a variety resistant to diseases and pests was obtained, well preserving its presentation for 9-10 months. The maturation of the plant occurs in 100-115 days, the weight of the average turnip is 120-150 grams. Gastronomic feature: suitable for all types of treatments, neutral flavoring notes with a small urchin.

Observing all the recommendations for the preparation of the soil, planting and care, you can remove the quite abundant harvest of onions from the beds. And even celebrate annually a giant root vegetable, winning its own records.