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How many days after planting potatoes sprout


Potatoes are probably the most important and staple food in any family. In order to enjoy a rich harvest in the fall, you need to know the rule of planting and caring for it, and also after how many days the seeds begin to sprout. From many factors depends on whether the garden will bear fruit.

Potato germination

As it has already happened, everyone sows potatoes in May, it grows all summer and, traditionally, in September it is cleaned. Practically all gardeners do this, so the demand, as well as the sales profit, is essentially small.

Therefore, to grow a good harvest and earn money on it, you need to know how fast potatoes grow and the reasons for which you can lose a crop.

After how many days does the potato usually sprout after planting

When the earth warms up to 10 degrees, then the first shoots of potatoes begin to appear. It happens about after 25 days. If the temperature for a long time is kept at around +20 degrees, then shoots can appear and on day 15.

When planting any germinated potatoes, germination after 7 days.
The first seedlings of potatoes appear about 15-20 days, depending on the temperature.

To get early yields quickly, plant shallow in the ground. As during deep landing, the tubers are stuck in their development because of the unheated land. For quick germination, potatoes should be planted in the top layer of soil.

If the soil moisture reaches 75%, then the landing is undesirable, you need a little time. Here I can attack putrid diseases.

Variety Dependence

Most sprouts of any sort of potato appear one month after disembarkation. There are special types of potatoes that can be dug 40 days from the time they were planted.

These are varieties:

  • Early maturity
  • Ultra Early.
If you choose large seeds for planting, then the fruits will be large
Tubers should be taken large, because as they form a large bush and the fruits will be large.

To plant early potatoes, you need to take healthy seeds, they must be firm, not cracked and without the presence of disease.

Causes of uneven shoots

There are several reasons for uneven germination of seeds:

  • Potato seeds were sown to different depths of soil. Since the soil is heated unevenly in spring, germination will be different;
  • Tubers had a different shape;
  • When planting the tubers were germinated unevenly;
  • The use of planting material of various varieties.

The risk of potatoes does not ascend at all

There were cases when the potatoes did not sprout at all. It seems that all the technologies are observed, but not a single sprout appeared. So sad experience was storing seeds in white bags. Due to the fact that the potato all the storage time spent in these bags, its germination has come to zero.

In no case can you store seeds in white synthetic bags.
Therefore, any gardener knows that tubers cannot be stored in white synthetic bags.

Tips gardeners to guarantee germination

For a good harvest, a variety, as well as a landing time, play a role. But there are a couple of tricks to get the best effect when cleaning.

  1. Before planting potatoes required fertilize the soil. The use of fertilizers is also necessary in the process of growth.
  2. When the tubers are only planted in the ground, you need to water the complex fertilizer of any kind. Shoots after that will appear much earlier.
  3. After landing you can grind peat. This will protect the tubers from harmful insects.
  4. On the coming of a couple of days you need burn the earth, so that the tubers are fed with fresh air.
Timely loosening is one of the tricks for good germination.

Landing procedure for proper germination

To get a good crop of potatoes you need to use selected seeds. Basically gardeners approach their preparation in the fall.

Tubers must be the correct shape without visible damage.

Then they need plant trees. So they are stored better and are not exposed to the invasion of rodents. But here it is required to store separately from food potatoes, due to the acquired content of poisonous solanine.

Before planting, the seed again goes over again, ventilated. Then it is treated with a solution of boric acid with water.

Then choose a place for landing. It is advisable not to plant potatoes in the same place for several years in a row. The soil must be well fertilized. With an insufficient amount of sand potatoes will rise badly.

Need to sit on the depth about 8 cm. Not thick, because the overgrown bushes will stop growing each other. They will not be purged and a disease called late blight may occur.

Tubers for planting must have eyes. For quick germination, you need to have your eyes turned upwards. This will lead to quick germination.

Tubers for planting must have eyes

Planting time is carried out when the soil is warm enough and the nights are warm enough without frost. Mostly this weather is set in the beginning of May. For seeds of early varieties suitable mid-april.

If it is time to plant potatoes, but it is clear that the earth is not properly heated, you can plant shallowly about 6 cm. Even the faint rays of the sun with such a depth of planting will warm enough the tubers.

What is the timing

If the potatoes were planted, and he didn’t grow, it is worth analyzing or when planting all necessary moments were taken into account.

There are several of the most important factors for seed germination. These include:

  • The location of the garden;
  • Seed variety;
  • Temperature indicators.

Temperature readings

The most important for the future harvest of potatoes is the temperature indicators of the soil.
Planting potatoes can begin at a temperature of about +8 degrees

Potatoes can be planted with a constant temperature of about +8 degrees, provided that the depth of the heated earth for landing about 12 cm.

Most gardeners go without a thermometer and do not check the temperature for planting. They simply trust national signs:

  1. When perennials begin to bloom and bloom.
  2. When birch leaves bloom to the size of a coin.

Also air humidity has its meaning. Because of it, the soil can dry for a long time. Planting at high humidity will lead to the fact that the tubers will not dry out and germinate, and rot.

Quality of seed

When planting seed potatoes used different sizes of tubers, then you should not expect a good harvest.

In order for the year to be fruitful for potatoes, it is necessary to approach seriously the choice of seed. He must have:

  • With the presence of eyes;
  • Tubers of the same size;
  • No damage and purulent formations;
  • Not long, but thick sprouts
Cracked potato seeds may not give good shoots.

The presence of eyes will lead to the rapid germination of potatoes. If the tubers absolutely do not have them, then such potatoes will not germinate and will simply rot in the hole.

If tubers of small size were used, the seedlings will be frail and not viable. The average size of planting material should be approximately with chicken egg.

Cracked seed, or with the presence of putrid formations will not give the normal development of the bush. It is necessary to carefully sort through all the potatoes for unnecessary formations.

Potatoes are not taken for planting residues. For landing you need to take selected seeds.

Experienced gardeners know all the wisdom of planting potatoes. A newcomer needs to take this process more seriously. At the first successful planting there will be potatoes and for food, but also good planting material.