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Instructions for use of the drug Prestige from the Colorado potato beetle


For many years, experienced gardeners and gardeners have been struggling with the insidious and harmful insect, the Colorado potato beetle, but have never managed to completely destroy it. But it is not necessary to despair at all, because the research and experiments of scientists over the years have not passed without a trace. Studying the insect, scientists have managed to invent a tool that can affect the central nervous system of the beetle and thus does not allow it to destroy the crop. This drug is able to protect the plant for the entire growing season if used according to the instructions for use. It is called "Prestige".

What is this remedy? We will try to tell you about it in more detail.

Prescription drug prestige

The drug "Prestige" - a very effective proven tool to combat the Colorado potato beetle and other harmful insects. It protects potato tubers from pests and stimulates plant growth.

The composition of the tool includes pencycuron and imidacloprid. The first compiler is a pesticide and combats fungal diseases. The second is a substance that quickly acts on the insect. Thus, the drug, entering the body of the pest, quickly affects the nervous system and paralyzes it. Then the insect dies.

Prestige is also used in the fight against late blight.

The instructions for the drug describes in detail the method of its use. Need to carefully examine it. The main thing to remember is that the effect of the drug begins immediately after planting the treated tuber into the ground.

Prestige Potato Tubers

The mechanism of action means

And so, what happens next? The drug, getting into the wet ground, begins to act quickly, the substance spreads around the soil around the potatoes and forms a protective "wall".

When a young plant begins to germinate, it absorbs through the roots of this tool, which has spread evenly around the planted, processed potatoes. Then the protective substance rises through the cells of the young shoots and immediately manifests its functions:

  • produces protection from harmful insects during the growing season
  • stops attacks of various fungal diseases
  • helps a young tuber to bear various natural stresses: heat, cold, lack of sunlight

Thanks to these properties of the drug, the plant improves its growth and brings a high yield result. Studies have shown that a toxic substance, while in a plant, new young tubers do not fall. Those. poison is only around the old planted tubers and in young shoots, it will not fall into new tubers.

Studies have proven that the agent does not penetrate new tubers.

The effect of the drug on the Colorado potato beetle

Means shows such insecticidal actions:

  • defeat of the colorado potato beetle for 37 days from the time of emergence of the first shoots
  • wireworm damage throughout the plant growth period
  • aphid destruction for 39 days. You need to know that aphid is the main peddler of a viral plant disease.
  • removal of scab and rhizoctoniosis for the whole vegetation period

Instructions for use of the disinfectant - how to dilute and use

  1. Prepare the suspension according to the instructions in the package.
  2. Then, based on kg of potato, dissolve the suspension in water. For example, 50 kg of potatoes - 50 ml of product dilute in three liters of water.
  3. Mortar solution in the sprayer, you can use a conventional spray.
  4. Tubers should be spread out on a film no more than three in height, otherwise the surface of the potatoes will not be fully processed.
  5. Spraying, observing that all tubers are covered with a solution and, if necessary, potatoes, after a short drying, turn to the other side and process again. This is necessary for the plant in the future, the solution will reliably protect it.
Proper processing will bring a high yield. Sliced ​​potatoes do not treat means.
Prescription consumption rate - 1 ml per 1 kg of tubers

Proper treatment of tubers during potato germination

Processing in this way can be applied during the germination of potatoes 20 days before disembarking and before the landing itself, process it again.

Potatoes prepared for planting can be treated with a growth regulator and special biologically active agents. The surface must also be coated with a substance. more than 90%.

Prestige and other plants

The same preparation can be used to protect other plants: tomatoes, eggplants, cabbage, and paprika.

For them, prepare the solution as follows:

  1. Dilute 10 ml of the preparation in one liter of water,
  2. Soak the roots of seedlings in solution for eight hours,
  3. Then quickly plant the seedlings into the soil.

Is the solution harmful to health?

Prestige has a third, low toxicity class.

Different opinions can be heard about the drug "Prestige". But all information needs to be verified. It is advisable to read about it before buying it from several sources on the Internet. This is not a big deal and will be useful for you. Agronomists advise "Prestige" for use as an effective effective means.

"Prestige" has a low degree of toxicity for health, is determined by the third class, but still it is a toxic poison and precautions must be applied.
  • when transporting processed potatoes required securely pack in protective bags
  • when landing use a protective mask and gloves, and after completion of work wash hands, face with soap and rinse thoroughly. Clothes change

Prestige should be used only for tubers, ripened in the month of August, because when using it for early potatoes, the poison will not have time to leave the plant.

The toxicity of the drug in the plant stops after two months. Substance is used for plants and as a poison, and as a fertilizer.

Advantages over analogues

The prestige of the COP has advantages over any other means and analogues due to such properties:

  1. High efficacy of the drug;
  2. The tool facilitates the process of growing potatoes;
  3. Since the drug has anti-stress efficacy, the plant develops increased resistance to any adverse effects of the atmosphere, which leads to improved plant growth;
  4. Low toxicity "Prestige" - 3rd class.
Prestige tool has high efficiency

And completing your review of the description of the drug, it should be noted that the tool is really very active and effective for processing plants from various pests: aphids, wireworms, thrips, sawflies, midges and so on.

And despite the toxicity, provided proper storage, the use of the tool does not cause much harm, but, on the contrary, brings great benefits for gardeners and farmers.

It is important to remember that it is necessary to buy only the original packaging of the Prestige disinfectant.

Although the conditions and periods of storage is often not very attention, but for the funds it is important. Keep it at temperature from -20 degrees Celsius to +40, away from children and animals. Do not leave near food, water, flammable materials. The shelf life of the substance is two years.

Prestigerator - Analogue Prestige Treater

There is a tool similar in name and called it “Prestige”, but sometimes it is mistakenly called “Prestige”. It is an insect fungicidal disinfectant for the Colorado potato beetle, wireworm and various potato diseases. They are also treated with tubers before planting.

So, dear gardeners, we have tried to reveal to you the secret of the effectiveness of the drug "Prestige". You, turn, be careful and vigilant when using pesticides for processing plants. Buy only original product!