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Description and characteristics of tomato varieties Titan


Patient gardeners, who have the opportunity to expect and receive good yields of tomato, are recommended for breeding this crop. The tomato of the Titan variety is great for owners of low greenhouses, the size of its bushes suggests cultivation even on the balcony. Let's get acquainted with its description and characteristics.

Description and characteristics of tomato varieties Titan

Variety according to the characteristic determinant, shtampovan. Suitable for gardeners who do not wait for the first harvest in the middle of the summer season, is considered to be middle late in maturing.

The height of the bushes on the description reaches 60 centimeters. Some gardeners believe that the culture can do without garters, but this opinion is wrong. Numerous fruits, formed on almost every branch, can break a tomato bush.

The weight of each tomato varies from 80 to 120 grams, color shade - from pinkish to red. One bush is able to give up to 5 kilogram fruits.

The weight of fruits of the Titan - from 80 to 120 grams

Vegetable perfectly transports transportation, for quite a long time it is able to remain in a cool place. Such features only make the use of the crop wider. Often, Titan is designed to implement.

Vegetable is ideal for cooking salads and other dishes.

Breeding history and region of growth

The appearance of the variety is obliged to the breeders of the North Caucasus, was officially registered in 2000. Since that time, it has been successfully cultivated not only in greenhouses, but also in unprotected soil conditions.

From the time the seedlings are planted until the appearance of ripe fruits four to five months. For this reason, Titan is the most popular in the south of the Russian Federation and in the CIS countries.

Advantages and disadvantages

The results of plant cultivation helped to reveal a number of advantages in it:

  • resistance to fungal disease;
  • low growth of bushes;
  • the possibility of growing in the garden, in the greenhouse and even at home;
  • excellent product features;
  • fruit evenness;
  • excellent taste;
  • possibility of long transportation;
  • resistance of plants to lack of moisture.
Titan has excellent product features.

All this helps gardeners choose Titan for themselves. Especially this variety is respected by those who do not have the opportunity to be at their summer cottage the whole summer season.

It is fair to note that tomato has negative signs:

  • he poorly tolerated lowering the temperature;
  • during growth, fertilizer formulations should be applied very carefully;
  • late maturation harvest.
For these reasons, the cultivation of this tomato variety in the conditions of Siberia and the Urals without the use of greenhouses is not possible. The harvest either does not have time to ripen, or will be destroyed by the May frosts.

Planting seeds

For planting crops for seedlings best suited March. Seed material is selected, soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate to prevent various diseases. Floated seeds are removed on the surface - they are not suitable for planting.

This does not apply to store seeds - they are processed by industrial methods.

Titanium Tomato Seeds

Planting material is kept in solution till twelve o'clock. During this time, preparing the soil composition. The earth is ignited in the oven, mixed with river sand and wood ash.

Landing can be done in separate cups or boxes. Upon completion of sowing, the soil is watered with warm water, the containers are covered with plastic wrap, put in a warm place. As soon as the first shoots appear, the boxes can be opened.

Watering should be done regularly, the boxes should be opened by the other side, so that the seedlings could develop evenly. Picks are done when the first leaves appear. At the same time, seedlings can be fed mineral fertilizer compounds. Hardening of plants begins approximately ten days before transplanting into the ground.

Transplantation of seedlings in open ground

You can do this when the shoots will be a month old.

For the southern regions of Russia, this time falls on may, the central part of the transplant at the beginning of summer. If you plan to grow in greenhouse conditions - all can carry seedlings in May.

If the soil is sufficiently fertilized and regular feeding is carried out, you can plant seedlings according to the scheme nine bushes per square meter. Before transplantation, the soil is spilled with a solution of copper sulfate, and mineral fertilizers are applied to each well.

Before planting seedlings of Titan into the ground, soil is shed by copper sulfate

Growing conditions

During the entire vegetative period, it is necessary to constantly remove weeds on the garden beds, loosen the soil, irrigate and add mineral components. Once a month it is allowed to use organic compounds, but their number should be moderate.

To improve yield, should to form a bush by pinching on two - three stalks. During active growth, the culture should be constantly fed with fertilizers containing potassium and phosphorus.

Features fruiting varieties

To improve the yield it is recommended to follow the advice of experienced gardeners:

  • sowing seeds must be performed a couple of months before the intended movement of seedlings in the ground;
  • preceded by tomatoes must zucchini, cucumbers, carrot, dill, parsley;
  • optimal landing option - scheme "fifty to forty" centimeters;
  • watering begins two weeks after transplantation, acting as necessary;
  • garter perform as they grow, so that the bush does not break.
So that the bush does not break under the weight of the fruit, it is necessary to make a garter

Diseases and their prevention

Titan suffers susceptibility to phytophthora, when protected against which it is necessary to reduce the number of irrigations, carefully ventilate the greenhouses in order to reduce the level of air humidity.

It will not be superfluous treatment plants "Fitosporin".

The rest adhere to only preventive measures. In open beds the plant can be attacked. Colorado potato beetleagainst which it is recommended to use the drug "Prestige".

From moths, sawfly and moth will help get rid of "Lepidocide." If you grow a culture on the balcony, then problems with diseases and harmful parasites will not occur.

From all it follows that this tomato variety does not need special care. Any novice gardener will cope with such a culture, and the harvests will really be excellent.