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How to dry and dry oyster mushrooms at the lowest cost


Oyster mushrooms - mushrooms that contain little moisture. Therefore, the process of drying does not imply any particular difficulties. You can even use the tools at hand. If they are dried for the winter, the result will be mushrooms stored for a long period. They have a refined taste and a pleasant aroma that will allow you to cook a lot of delicious dishes.

Process specifics

You need to pick up large mushrooms and without flakes.

There are several unwritten rules that will allow dry oyster mushrooms for the winter. Namely:

  • It is strictly forbidden to wash mushrooms before drying. They are cleaned of dirt and leaves. If necessary, remove the top peel;
  • only fresh, uncorrupted and neat specimens are selected for drying;
  • at the beginning of the drying set the minimum temperature. Then it is worth raising;
  • since the oyster mushrooms themselves are large, they need to be cut;
  • on the same pallet laid out only the same size pieces. So they dry at one time;
  • during the drying process, it is recommended to maintain a good circulation of air masses, otherwise the product will deteriorate.

Ways of drying oyster mushrooms for the winter

There are many options for preparing mushrooms for the winter. To do this, you may need both available tools and specialized devices. Consider the most common methods of drying.

In the oven

Dry at low temperature

You can also dry in the oven. For this, prepared pieces are laid out on a baking sheet, previously covered with parchment paper. You need to set the temperature at 45 degrees. If you put more, then the product may burn, lower - tired and spoiled. For the circulation of air masses and the release of humid air, it is recommended to keep the oven door slightly ajar. You can clamp between the body of the furnace and the door skewer. When the pieces no longer sticky, the temperature is raised to 60 degrees and so on until ready. To say exactly how long it will take for the entire drying process is difficult. It all depends on the size of the individual pieces. A few hours for sure.

In the microwave

Drying time is reduced to 2 hours.

You can even dry in the microwave. For this, prepared mushrooms are laid out on a plate. And it is better that the pieces were the same. Power exhibited minimum 100-150 watts. The drying process takes place in several stages. Dries for 20 minutes, then the door opens to release moist air for 10 minutes. The cycle repeats again. And so several times until completely dry. As a rule, 3-4 such cycles are necessary, which is long enough.

In the dryer

For the dryer VOLTERA 1000 Lux oyster mushrooms cut into small pieces

The use of electric dryers will significantly speed up the process of harvesting for the winter. To do this, peeled and chopped mushrooms are laid out on the dryer mesh VOLTERA 1000 Lux. Exposed temperature at 50 degrees for 2 hours. After it you need to raise to 75 degrees and so on until the mushrooms are fully cooked. The whole drying process can take 7-12 hours. It all depends on the size of the copies.

How to dry mushrooms on a string

The easiest, affordable and cost-free method of drying

This method of harvesting mushrooms for the winter - the easiest. All that is needed is a cotton thread and appropriate weather conditions. The hot, dry and sunny period will do. Pre-oyster mushrooms are recommended to be cleaned of dirt and cut into equal parts. Mushrooms laid out on parchment paper and carried out in the sun. After three hours, when the pieces are slightly dried up, they can be strung on a thread. After that, mushrooms are brought in a warm and dry place for a day until complete drying.

In the Russian stove

Dried mushrooms already in the cooling oven

Oyster mushrooms for the winter were engaged even in the old days. For this they used Russian stoves. Today, little has changed and you can safely use the same way. To this end, several bricks are laid on the bottom of the furnace. They will provide the necessary distance so that the oyster mushrooms simply do not burn down. Prepared mushrooms are laid on the grill. In the process of using this method, one should not forget about the stove damper. It is recommended to slightly open it to provide the necessary air circulation. Oyster mushrooms will be ready within 7-12 hours.

In convection oven

Drying time depends on the size of the mushrooms.

Oyster mushrooms can also be dried in air convection ovens. For this, prepared mushrooms are laid out on the grid of the grill. Exposed maximum speed and temperature of 60-70 degrees. The process will take about two hours. It all depends on the size of the mushrooms and their freshness.

Over the stove

Special design for drying over a gas stove

The process of drying oyster mushrooms over the stove is simple, but not always convenient. All due to the fact that it takes about two days. And for this period to cook on the stove is not worth it. Otherwise, the mushrooms absorb all the odors that appear and will cease to be as fragrant as before. Prepared mushrooms are strung on a thread and hung out over the included burners of a gas stove. The process lasts several days until the oyster mushroom is completely dry.

Oyster mushrooms are delicious and fragrant mushrooms that can be added to a variety of dishes. Some dried pieces are processed into a state of powder for use as a seasoning. The very process of drying this type of mushroom is quite simple, since they are not endowed with excessive moisture. Several clever movements and a tasty treat for the winter is ready.

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