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Full description and characteristics of the variety of tomato Anyuta


Anuta tomato is a hybrid plant that can interest many gardeners who do not have the opportunity to grow tomatoes in the greenhouse. The main advantage is the delightful precocity. A full description and other characteristics of the variety are described in the article.

Description and characteristics of tomato Anuta

With her very early ripening period, Anyuta is very different from other tomato varieties. The first ripe vegetables can be obtained three months after sowing the seeds. This speed of cultivation enables some farmers to have time to get two harvests in one season.

Planted at the end of March, the seeds grow into full-fledged plants and begin to bear fruit at the end of the first summer month. The second batch is sown in May, and by the middle of August they get quite good results.

If weather conditions allow, then tomatoes will bear fruit until September.

Shrubs determinative, reach a height of sixty - seventy centimeters. Quite powerful stems allow you to grow posture using support pegs. But many gardeners claim that this procedure should not be neglected - the bushes from the severity of the fruit can fly to the surface of the beds.

Description of the characteristics of varieties Anyuta

The foliage on the tomato branches is sufficient, its shape is normal, the shade is green. The hybrid successfully resists tobacco mosaic, is able to fight with blight, the fruits are not afraid of top rot.

Fruits are rounded, compact, not subject to cracking. On average, one tomato weighs from one hundred to one hundred twenty grams. The color of the tomatoes is bright red. Vegetable is recommended for cooking salads, pickling, canning, preparing juices and various sauces.

Breeding history and region of growth

By its origin, the hybrid is obliged to the Russian specialists of the company "Semko", who were able to withdraw it and in 2005 register it in the State Register. Zoned plant by region of the North Caucasus. Able to be cultivated in other areas - in the Moscow region, in Belarus. In southern areas with good climatic conditions, the tomato is grown in open ground.

Advantages and disadvantages

With proper care from one bush can be collected nearly three kilograms of the crop.

The main advantages include the following features:

  • early fruiting;
  • cultivation on unprotected soil;
  • the dense skin which is reliably protecting vegetables at long transportation;
  • compactness of plants, which allows you to conveniently care for the bush;
  • shelf life of fresh harvested vegetables - up to thirty days;
  • resistance to major diseases of solanaceous crops;
  • excellent taste.

Negative signs are not revealed. Only some gardeners do not like the taste of tomatoes. But after all, the variety is superearly, there will be a minimum amount of sugar content in it. In addition, many tomato lovers point to limited areas suitable for growing Anyuta.

Planting seeds

Cultivated tomato hybrid seedling method. Sowing of seeds is performed according to the standard scheme, there are no special features in the care of seedlings. Pick up seedlings carried out after the formation of the second leaf.

Transplantation of seedlings in open ground

The plant does not impose special requirements for growing. Seedlings should not be transplanted to the beds, which a year ago grew potatoes or eggplants. The soil composition is sufficient to feed mineral fertilizer compounds. Landing is not too thick to make it easier to care for plants. It is best to hold such an event in the evening or in cloudy, calm weather.

Those who want to increase the yield use one small trick - they grow tomatoes on a double root system.

To do this, during a picking, two shoots are planted in each tank. After the seedlings are stretched, an incision is made on the stem, the sprouts are joined and mated. After the stalks grow together, the strongest of the double pair is left for further growth.

Planting seedlings in the ground


In the period of growing bushes should be made of complex mineral compounds. Experienced gardeners sometimes replace chemical preparations with wood ash, bird droppings infusion, and fermentation from crushed grass. Apply and foliar feeding, sprinkling the bush extract of husk from onions and crusts of citrus varieties.

Otherwise, everything is standard. Tomatoes are watered, grated, podkuchivayus during loosening. To prolong the fruiting, it is recommended to feed the plants with milk with the addition of a small amount of iodine. Bushes get a bright green shade, begin to form new inflorescences.

After such events, the bushes should be podokuchit, the soil mumble dry grass. If on the beds the ground is light, then the bushes should be fed every day. In the second week after transplantation of seedlings, gardeners recommend feeding tomato bushes with microfiberian compounds, adding mullein to the beds.

It will not be superfluous if you install the backups. Bushes are useless, but the fruits will not fall on the beds.

The ripening fruits of tomato Anuta
If transplanted plants begin to be actively drawn in height, nitrogen must be eliminated from complex fertilizer compounds.

How to get seeds next year?

Annie is a hybrid variety, so you don’t need to select seeds for planting next year - you won’t get results. But they can be purchased in specialized stores.

Diseases and their prevention

The hybrid variety is highly resistant to the main diseases of the solanaceous varieties - tobacco mosaic, late blight, and vertex rot. As a preventive fit, it can be treated with a special compound. From harmful parasites, beds with tomatoes can be protected with wood ash or tobacco dust.

The variety of tomatoes Anyuta is very popular not only among experienced but also among novice gardeners. The lack of features in the care allows you to grow this plant without any problems.