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3 best recipes for preparing dried plums: in the oven, in the dryer, in the sun


Plums - excellent product for blanks. These fruits can be used in different variations: make jam, dry or soak. Dried plums that can be cooked in the oven at home are especially attractive. The process of such preparation requires a lot of time and effort, but the result is stunning. Fruit in this form is a cold snack, with savory notes of taste. Fruits can be used as a separate dish or for baking, making sandwiches, canapés. They go well with meats and cheeses.

The specifics of the preparation of dried plums

Dried plums have a beneficial effect on the human body. They contain the greatest amount of nutrients, vitamins and fiber.

The presence of a rich chemical composition helps with problems with the digestive tract, liver, improve visual function.

The product removes harmful compounds, improves metabolic processes. It is also an excellent cosmetic product that provides a rejuvenating effect.

Before drying, the plums are washed and take out the bones.

The process of preparing the final product requires the following actions:

  • Choosing a drying method (oven, electric drier, sun). Each of them has its own specific regimes, certain conditions. They are required to comply, then the resulting product will fully comply with the necessary requirements and taste.
  • It is desirable to use a variety of Hungarian, Renklod or other varieties of plums.
  • Harvesting fragrant spices.
  • The presence of fragrant vegetable oil.

    Spiced plums before drying

At the heart of the method of drying laid the following events:

  • general processing, which consists in the partial grinding of the fruit (they can also be fully dried);
  • initial temperature treatment;
  • use in the process of drying additional ingredients;
  • final processing.

Recipes drying plums at home

Developed several ways to prepare a delicious product. Take a closer look at each of them.

How to dry plum with garlic in the oven

Sprinkle spices before putting the plums in the oven.

The most popular method of drying plums is cooking them in the oven. Getting started, you need to prepare a set of favorite spices and herbs, whole fruits without damage with a dense structure. If large fruits are used, they should be cut into four or six pieces. This will ensure the best processing of the fruit during drying.

Formulation: for 15 fruits 3 cloves of garlic are required, 1 tsp. spices, 2 tbsp. l olive oil, salt and pepper.

Dried plum with garlic


  • lay a baking sheet with foil, spread out halves cut up;
  • put a plate of garlic on each plum and sprinkle with loose components (spices, salt and pepper), sprinkle with olive oil;
  • Dry the fruit at 100 ° for 3 hours, slightly opening the door.
Advantages of the method: getting a tasty product. Disadvantage: the oven requires constant monitoring, otherwise the plums will burn.

In the oven, you can not only sulk, but also dry vegetables and fruits. Beautiful preparations for the winter are obtained from dried melons and pumpkins.

In the electric dryer

Plums in the drying process in an electric dryer

For drying, you can use any dryer, for example, model VOLTERA 1000 Lux. Next, you need to blanch the fruit:

  • Immerse the fruit for 30 seconds in boiling water, where to put the soda in advance in the proportion of 15 g per 1 liter. Immediately after that, rinse them under running water.
  • Do not allow cracks on the surface of the fruit. If this could not be avoided, it is required to reduce the concentration of the solution or reduce the processing temperature.
  • Prepared fruit spread out on a tray with baking paper.
  • Dry for 3 hours at 50 °.
  • Remove the fruit, cool, then send everything back to the dryer. At this stage, the processing of products at a temperature of 75 ° is required.
  • It is necessary to repeat the alternation of such actions within 2 days.
Plums to the touch should remain elastic and not produce juice.

The advantage of this method is that the fruits are succulent, you do not need to control the process. The electric dryer is also suitable for cooking dried cabbage and beets.

In the sun

Sun-dried plums must be dry to the touch

There is another method of drying. It involves carrying out the procedure in a natural way (under sunlight). For this you need:

  • select high-quality fruits (ripe, tight);
  • they should be washed, dried, removed stones and spread on sheets of wood or plywood;
  • bring to the sun;
  • during the day, periodically turn the fruit;
  • for the night to bring pallets with fruit into the room;
  • after 5 days, it is required to dry plums in the shade during the same period;
  • if the fruits are elastic, elastic and produce juice, then they are still ready.
During drying, care must be taken that insects do not sit on the dried fruit.

Advantages: natural drying. Disadvantages: quite a long and painstaking work. The process requires good weather. Onions and Bulgarian peppers are well dried in the sun and in the open air.

Use of the finished product and storage in winter

Dried plum cooked for the winter in the bank

Whatever recipe you choose, getting a tasty and healthy product, you need to know how to properly save it for the winter. The optimal container for this purpose are the boxes with holes, made of wood. They are able to pass the required amount of air. Dried plums or prunes can also be stored in glass, metal or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. Subject to such requirements, products can be stored for more than 1 year.