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Characteristics and description of tomato variety Polbig F1


Tomato variety Polbig F1 is a hybrid tomato bred by breeders from Holland. The work of the breeder is always aimed at obtaining such varieties of crops that are resistant to diseases, stored well and for a long time, delivering as little trouble as possible to farmers and gardeners when grown. No exception and polbig.

Main characteristics and description of tomato Polbig F1

This tomato is a favorite of large farmers and ordinary gardeners - high-yielding, precocious a variety with very early ripening. The first fruits can be collected in 90-95 days after seed germination, or approximately two months after transplanting in open ground.

The fact is that according to the characteristics of this hybrid, it is able to form the ovary even at a rather low air temperature.

The variety is intended for cultivation in the open field, but gives excellent results in greenhouses, greenhouses. Fruits ripen even before a possible damage to the plant by late blight, which allows you to collect early healthy crops for sale.

Tomato shrubs deterministic type, as described in height from 65 to 85 cm, the greatest yield is yielded by the formation of 2-3 stems. On the hands usually form 6-8 tomato ovaries. Leaves of usual form, dark green color.

The average mass of fruit Polbiga - 100-130 grams

The fruits of the hybrid variety Polbig have a rounded shape, slightly cuboid, with a moderately pronounced ribbing. The color of the fruit is evenly red, without greenery around the stem.

The flesh of the tomatoes is fleshy, juicy, slightly sour, the peel is dense, well protects against cracking. The taste, of course, is far from sugar, but for the earliest, the first tomatoes are quite acceptable.

Increase the sugar content, by the way, you can 2-3 times after processing the bushes and ovaries with boric acid.

Almost all fruits are on the same size brush, the average weight is 100-130 grbut in greenhouses can reach 180-210g. Productivity with proper planting and the formation of bushes with 1 sq. M can be (according to various sources) from 4 to 6 kg.

Tomato selection

The purpose of breeding new varieties is to create such hybrids of garden and garden crops that are resistant to various diseases, produce high yields, and have good taste and commercial qualities. This allows minimize treatment with herbicides and chemicals plants during growth and ripening.

Another important advantage of hybrid varieties - unpretentiousness to weather and natural conditions.

Polbig hybrid variety tomatoes meet almost all these requirements: they are high-yielding, fruits are uniform in shape and color, and ovaries are formed at low air temperatures.

Polbig ripens and begins to bear fruit early even at relatively low temperatures.
The latter quality is the main incentive for growing tomatoes of this variety in any region of vast areas of central Russia. Polbig ripens successfully and begins to bear fruit early even at relatively low temperatures.

Positive and negative qualities of the hybrid

Summarizing all the above, we can distinguish the following advantages of tomato Polbig:

  • early aging fruits;
  • uniform size and color, which gives an aesthetic appearance of the product;
  • resistance to cracking, and, consequently, - good transportability;
  • well kept, without losing the presentation;
  • fruit resistance to disease.

Despite a number of positive qualities, there are some disadvantages:

  • taste is not top notch - the flesh is too dense, without pronounced aroma, there is no sweet taste and sugar content;
  • the need to form a bush with the help of pinching;
  • the need for tying the stem and side lashes so that the bush does not break under the weight of the crop.

Features and stages of farming tomato

Hybrid grow exclusively by seedling. The term of sowing seeds depends on the time of planting seedlings in the soil, as well as on the expected place of growth of tomatoes - open ground, greenhouse or film cover.

Seeds Tomato Polbig F1
It should be borne in mind that the time from sowing seeds to planting seedlings is 2 months.

In general, agricultural technology is no different from growing a tomato of any determinant variety in a seedling way.

Sowing seeds

Carry out about March 20 in a pre-prepared container (wooden or plastic boxes with drainage holes) with soil-peat mixture.

Seeds are applied to the ground at a depth of 1 cm, then the soil is slightly moistened. The container is covered with film or glass and placed in a well-lit, warm place with temperature. 25 degrees.

After seedling germination, the temperature can be for several days. lower to 13 degrees for quenching (this is the lower threshold), and then return to a warm place. The main thing for successful growth is good lighting and sufficient day length (at least 14 hours). With a lack of natural lighting, you can use an additional lamp.

Dive seedlings

Dive seedlings produced when the appearance of 2-3 true leaves

When the plants appear 2-3 true leaves, the seedlings are transplanted into a separate container with drainage holes. In this case, it is necessary to carry out pinning of the central root for the subsequent obtaining of an advanced root system.

Landing in open ground

About in the end of MayTwo months after emergence, seedlings are planted in open ground. Each sprout should have a steady, thickened stem and 6-8 true leaves. In each well, it is desirable to add a lot of humus and a tablespoon of superphosphate.

The soil should be moistened before planting and after, in order to speed up the process of decomposition of applied fertilizers.

Fruiting stimulation

If you do not tie up Polbig - the bush will fall on the ground under the weight of the fruit

To obtain maximum yield, the plant must be provided with the necessary area sufficient for its nutrition and supply with useful substances. Therefore, it is best to plant 4-5 bushes per 1 sq.m. area. Shrubs form of 2-3 lashes, not forgetting their garter and pasynkovane.

Despite the average tastes, the Polbig hybrid is ready to delight gardeners and consumers with other outstanding qualities. But the taste and wholeness of the fruit, he will please in a canned form. In any case, a good harvest of an early tomato will not leave anyone indifferent.