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Detailed description of the Libya grape variety


A culture that has such a sonorous name is not known to every gardener. But anyone who had a chance to feast on the vibrant berries of Libya grapes, argues that the clusters look very attractive, and the fruits have unusual taste characteristics. The plant is a good option for growing it in the garden, so you should consider the characteristics of the grape variety in more detail.

Description grape varieties Libya

Libya belongs to the varieties that ripen early. From the formation of the ovary to maturity required no more than 100 days. If the twigs are loaded evenly, then the crop ripens at the same time. Overloaded vines are capable of bearing only seventy to eighty percent.

The plant is derived from Arkady and Flamingo crossings. The Ukrainian breeder worked on the creation of a new culture. A distinctive feature of a grape plant is the large-sized clusters of cylindrical forms. Their average length of the description is thirty-five centimeters, weight reaches up to 1 kilogram.

When organizing proper care, bushes begin to bear fruit in the third year of growth.

The culture grows well, stands out with the power of the trunk and light brown young shoots. Inflorescences are bisexual, foliage is dense, five-lobed.

Characteristics of berries

Large-sized berries, average length 28 mm

The fruits of a grape plant are large. The shape of the berries is oval or ovoid, the average length is equal to 28 mmwidth reaches 2 cm. The average weight of one berry is between eleven and thirteen grams, which is considered quite sufficient for this plant.

Pink peel skin, very soft, with eating almost not felt. The flesh is fleshy, juicy, which gives additional value to grapes.

Excellent taste combined in the pleasantness of grape sweetness and subtlety of nutmeg aroma. Taste characteristics practically do not change even during storage, which can be up to thirty days.

High sugar content - from seventeen to eighteen grams, with an acidity of five - nine grams per liter.

Each berry contains one - three seedswhich are easily separated from the pulp, without complicating the process of eating fruits.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Grapes have certain advantages, which include:

  • early ripening;
  • excellent taste;
  • attractive appearance and marketability;
  • the ability to maintain quality during long-term transportation;
  • stable yields;
  • possibility of long storage
Advantages of Libya - early maturation and stable yield

At the same time, there are also negative points:

  • many are deficient in the coloring of the berries;
  • weak resistance of plants to oidium and mildew;
  • the ability to endure frosts up to -21 degrees, the need for insulation for the winter season.


Landing is recommended in the spring season.

Place must be well lit to provide sunlight weaving vertical plants. Best suited southern areas of the yard area. Any object is able to become a reliable support and create protection from cold winds.

Grape variety of special requirements for the soil composition does not impose. The scarcity of the soil can be compensated by the constant introduction of fertilizer formulations.

Perfect option - light loam and black earth, the groundwater level must be deep.

After planting, Libya sapling is watered with 30 liters of water.

The landing pole prepares in advance. With its diameter, it should be several times larger than the size of the root system. In the pit is laid humus, you can mix it with fertile soil.

The seedling is set in the hole to root collar remains above ground. Carefully bury the bush; install a strong support post from the north direction. Planting is completed by watering, which requires thirty liters of water.

Before planting, the root system of seedlings can be treated with a drug that stimulates their further growth.

Care for a young and mature vine

Culture loves enough moisture. For this reason, it is best to water the grape bushes twice a season - before flowering and after its completion. In the dry season, the amount of moisture applied must be increased.

Beware of overflows that can cause diseases.

The need of bushes in water can be judged by the shade of the leaves. Their roughness will say that the plant is hot and humid, but the manifestations of chlorosis may be accompanied by a dark green color of foliage.

The soil around the bushes necessarily mulch. This will help keep moisture in the ground, protect it from the cold, and perform a nutritional function if the procedure was performed with humus.

As a nutritional composition can be used both organic and mineral supplements. Most of all grapes require phosphorus and potassium.

Fertilizer for Libya should be predominantly phosphorus and potassium

For the winter season the plants need to cover. They are cut, lowered to the surface of the earth, remove dry leaves and berries, carry out the treatment with fungicidal agents, cover. Foil, hay and even plain earth may be used as covering material.

The main feature of courtship - trimming. It is carried out with the aim of increasing fruiting, cutting branches into two to six eyes. Forming a bush, it is recommended to leave three - four sleeves, shortening them each autumn.

Breeding methods

There are two planting seedlings and vaccination.

In the first case, you can achieve excellent results in the growth of culture, improve the quality of fruit taste. The vaccination will allow you to reach fruiting more quickly, there is a possibility of increasing yields.

Diseases and pests

Oidium Defeat

Oidium can destroy the plant completely. The main signs are the appearance of a grayish shade on the foliage of the mold. Then she goes to the shoots, inflorescences and fruits. As a preventive measure, spraying should be carried out using special preparations or colloidal sulfur.

From mildew grape bushes protect pruning, pasynkovaniem, airing. It is allowed to use Bordeaux mixture before flowering and after it, before the harvest begins.

A big problem is the wasps. It is necessary to place traps with poison, to use thin nets and gauze bags with which brushes are wrapped.

Grape variety is registered in the State Register of Ukraine. In addition to the southern regions, it begins to grow in other regions. For cultivation in the garden the plant fits just fine.