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Detailed description of the strawberry variety Elizaveta 2


Garden strawberry is considered one of the most popular berries and that is why breeders do not stop breeding varieties that become better and better than their predecessors. One of the most striking examples is the Elizabeth 2 variety. Let's look at a detailed description of this variety, especially the cultivation and care.

Description of strawberry Elizabeth 2

Strawberry remontant Elizabeth 2

The variety of garden strawberries Elizabeth 2 is a novelty of the Soviet selection and is distinguished by a large number of positive characteristics that distinguish this plant from other, less popular varieties. Elizabeth 2 can be grown in both southern and central regions of Russia. This possibility is due to the fact that the variety perfectly tolerates the winter cold and spring frosts, as well as the berries do not lose their density due to long and unstable rains.

Grow Elizabeth 2 in the northern regions of the gardener need to take care of additional plants with the onset of freezing weather.

The shrub is very powerful, with a lot of foliage. The color of the leaves is saturated green, they are considered to be large in size, which helps protect the berries from heavy precipitation, dust and dirt. You can also note that the leaves are smooth, shiny, slightly concave and with ribbed edges.

Fruiting grade begins in late May and lasts until the 20th of September. With proper care for the season, you can harvest 3 crops of equally tasty and large fruits.

Fruit Characteristic

Berries of strawberry varieties Elizabeth 2 are distinguished by their large size and the same, conical shape. On average, one berry weighs 40-50 grams, but at the onset of cooling, the fruit is significantly stretched and their weight can reach 100 grams.

The fruits are painted in a bright, red tint, the surface is smooth and shiny with deep-set beige seeds.

Freshly picked strawberries Elizabeth 2

The taste of berries is estimated as sweet or dessert, many people, having tried such strawberries claim that it has a honey taste.

Despite the fact that this variety loves moisture, the fruits do not become watery and retain their density, so that they can be transported over long distances and used for various types of processing (freezing, cooking, etc.).

Breeding history and region of growth

The variety of remontant strawberries Elizabeth 2 was bred on the basis of the Queen Elizabeth variety. This discovery was made by breeders in 2001 on the basis of Donskoy kennel. In 2003, Elizabeth 2 was sent to tests in various regions of Russia, and the variety passed them perfectly. Every gardener should keep in mind that Elizabeth 2 is acclimatized for Russia, so it is most likely to take root in a central region with a changeable climate..

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Highly early ripening, the first fruits can be obtained already in the middle of May;
  • Harvest can be collected throughout the summer, and the size of the berries practically does not change;
  • The berries are very tasty and beautifulthat allows you to use them for commercial purposes;
  • Also fruits are dense enough, do not change under the influence of low or high temperatures and during transportation;
  • Elizabeth 2 not afraid of frost;
  • Also one of the main advantages is considered resistance to almost all diseases and pests.
  • The variety Elizabeth 2 has only one major drawback.which is expressed in capriciousness to the composition of the soil and care.

Peculiarities of remontant variety

Bush strawberry Elizabeth 2 with green berries
  1. Elizabeth 2 is very thick and powerful foliagethat helps protect berries from gusty winds, rains and dust;
  2. Plant begins to bear fruit in mid-May, few which variety can boast of such an early ripening period;
  3. With proper care you can harvest 3 crops in 1 seasonthat very much attracts gardeners who grow up various cultures in small territories;
  4. The berries are very large and most often of the same form, but with the onset of cold weather the fruits become even larger and reach truly gigantic sizes.


The variety of remontant strawberries Elizaveta 2 is very picky about the composition of the soil, and in order to get a rich harvest throughout the season it is necessary to provide comfortable conditions. First, you need to choose a place that must meet the following requirements:

  • welcome the presence of a flat areabut a small bias is also allowed;
  • garden beds with garden strawberries should be well lit and not blown by gusty winds;
  • considered the best location of landings south or west;
  • if a low land plot was selected for planting, or a place with a high location of groundwater, bushes need to be located on a high earthen mound.

The next step is to prepare the soil, which must meet numerous requirements:

  1. Preparing a bed it needs dig throughwhile removing all weeds, perennials and roots;
  2. If the soil is too acidic, then for 3 years before planting you need add 300 grams of ash to 1 square meter of soil or dolomite flour;
  3. In about 1-2 months, the soil is made more fertile. using the following fertilizers:
  • 1 bucket of humus;
  • 1 bucket of peat;
  • 40 grams of superphosphate;
  • 20 grams of potash fertilizer.

There are several planting schemes:

  1. With a single line landing the distance between the rows is 60-80 centimeters, and between individual bushes 15-20;
  2. With a two-line landing garden strawberries are planted in 2 rows on the same bed. The distance between the ridges is 70 centimeters, between rows 40 centimeters, and between individual plants 20;
  3. In the following scheme, plants are planted in the same way as in the two-line method, but the distance between the rows is covered with black filmand put straw on top. This method will help preserve moisture as much as possible and prevent weed growth.
Growing strawberries Elizabeth 2 under the film

Planting strawberries, perform the following steps:

  1. To begin with, dig small holes, pour them with water, and build a small hill inside;
  2. Placing seedlings in the hole must be carefully straighten the roots;
  3. After the bush is in the ground, it is well watered and mulched with organic or inorganic substances.
When planting seedlings, you should pay attention to the number of full-fledged sheets, there should be no less than 5 of them, otherwise the plant will most likely die.

Cultivation and care

Variety of garden strawberries Elizabeth 2 requires a fairly thorough care, so a gardener who wants to grow it on her plot must adhere to some rules for care.

The bed with strawberries Elizabeth 2 must be cleaned of weeds, and before irrigation to loosen the ground

Each gardener must develop a habit of keeping any cultivated plantings clean, clearing them of wild plants. This rule applies to garden strawberries. Also, before each irrigation, it is recommended to slightly pierce the ground so that moisture will quickly penetrate to the root system.

Another important factor will be constant mulching of beds with strawberries. Such actions are necessary in order to keep the moisture in the soil for as long as possible.

In the variety Elizabeth 2, the second crop is larger than the first, so experienced gardeners use a little trick. The first peduncles remove and fertilize the bushes of garden strawberries with mullein diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10 or chicken droppings in a ratio of 1:20. This procedure will help speed up the formation of a second, larger crop.

When watering strawberries need to take into account some of the wishes of the plant.:

  • to reduce the risk of gray mold, water temperature should be above 15 degrees;
  • before the appearance of the first flowers The bush can be watered with sprinkling, in the future only the root irrigation method is used;
  • average per square meter 15-20 liters of water are used;
  • water the garden strawberries need soso that the soil is always hydrated, in dry weather, this procedure is carried out once a week.


In early springExperienced gardeners recommend spilling 50 grams of urea and 50 grams of wood ash over the snow that has not yet melted.
Before floweringA liter of mullein is diluted in a liter of water and the plant is watered with this mixture;

You can also use foliar feedings in the form of special tools (Agricola, Ovary, etc.)

After the last harvestGranules of superphosphate and nitrophoresses are scattered on the ground, then the soil is loosened and watered.
End of SeptemberUnder digging make compost or humus.

Diseases and pests

Strawberry leaves Elizabeth 2 are struck by brown spot

Sort Elizabeth 2 is characterized by increased resistance to many diseases and pests, but still it is necessary to carry out preventive measures during which the plant receives additional protection:

  1. Spring bushes sprayed copper sulphate solution;
  2. You can also spray planting 1% brodsky liquid;
  3. One of the most important components will be proper care, which is timely feeding plants and removing diseased and affected bushes.

As you can see, the agricultural technician of the remontant strawberry is difficult, but it can be done by anyone. Garden strawberries Elizabeth 2 is rapidly gaining popularity, both among experienced gardeners and beginners. Berries of this variety differ in large size and excellent taste.. Also, the plant is not afraid of frost and most of the known diseases.