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The most favorable days for planting potatoes


For summer residents, such a definition is familiar as favorable days for planting a crop on a plot. All actions associated with the care of the garden, some gardeners spend strictly in accordance with the location of the moon. It doesn't matter if they grow carrots or onions. Should I trust the lunar calendar when growing potatoes, try to figure out the article.

Favorable days for planting potatoes

Crop yields depend a lot weather and weather conditions, soil quality, seedlings, soil care and fertilizers, as well as many other factors.

The priority should be weather conditions, not the state of the moon
Among these factors is the location of the moon. However, if we take into account such a calendar, there are few favorable days.

When to plant in May

Practically in all regions except southern, planting potatoes are engaged in May. The soil is already warm enough, and warm days allow you to calmly plant a culture without the likelihood of freezing.

However, in May there are not so many favorable days, based on the lunar calendar, in which potatoes can be planted:

In the first decadeMay 4, 7, 8, 9
In the second decadethe most successful day is May 19
In the third decadetwo days on May 24 and 31

If you follow the recommendations of astrologers, then you need to pre-plan a landing day and prepare the material. To do this, it should be pre-removed from the cellar or storage, dry, give time to warm up in air.

When the tubers sprout, then you can start planting. By following all the rules, you can significantly increase the yield.

When can you sow seeds

Potato seeds can be purchased in specialized stores or collected in the garden in the fall.

Purchased seeds are much easier to obtain than collecting yourself.

In the still green fruit of the potato, which resemble green berries, there are seeds. It is these seeds that are suitable for the biological reproduction of potatoes.

If you sow the seeds in a container, seedlings will appear in a week. It is necessary to prepare seedlings for transplantation into the soil for further cultivation.

To plant seedlings in the garden should be at a time when the weather has stabilized outside and the air temperature is around 15 degrees. The best time for planting seedlings from seeds in open ground in late May.

If you focus on the lunar calendar, you should pick dates in a waning moon.

Terms of planting in different climatic zones

Ural gardeners should be aware that the north on the map of their city, the soil warms up later. It is necessary to make sure that the night frosts are over. Since Siberia is big enough, in each locality there is a time for potatoes.

In most places it will be possible to sow only in mid-May. In Irkutsk, it is recommended to plant a plant after May 20. In the conditions of Karelia, planting medium-late and late varieties is not advisable.

In central Russia the most favorable time for landing potatoes 6, 7, 8, 9, 26, 27, 28 may. In the South, it is good to plant early ripe varieties in April. In the southern regions you can get twice the harvest per season.

For planting mid-season varieties in the south, the beginning of April is suitable.

Common terms for planting potatoes

Most of the established tradition of planting potatoes in early May. But generally accepted standards are not suitable for every region.

Plant potatoes need to to warmed soil, if planted earlier, the fruit will grow poorly or freeze at all. It is also impossible to delay the planting of potatoes. Drying of the soil may occur and this will also affect the yield.

According to statistics, the deviation from the deadline should not be more than 10 days in one direction or another.
Cold soil will adversely affect the success of planting

The impact of the moon on yield

Not everyone follows the recommendations of the garden in phases. Therefore, the harvest is obtained from someone better, and from someone worse. Although it may be neighbors. The lunar arrangement has a direct impact on all living beings, as well as on all plants.

Based on this, you can consider the moon factor before carrying out country works. Appeal to the lunar calendar is a non-standard approach for obtaining a rich and high-quality harvest.

Planting potatoes on the lunar calendar

Among experienced gardeners has always existed the concept of "a favorable day for planting." The primary consideration is the influence of the moon on planet Earth. The state of the whole living organism of the planet depends on these influences.

The lunar calendar for planting is based on certain long-studied patterns. Namely - phase growth effect plant crops.

The basic rule of the calendar is to pay attention to the aging and growing moon. If it is decreasing, then it is advisable to plant the roots, yielding fruit deep in the ground.
It is not possible to scientifically prove the dependence of garden success on the lunar calendar.

If there is a new moon or a growing moon in the sky, then it is recommended to land land plants that grow on an open surface.

Such factors are due to the fact that with a waning moon root system strengthened. But the bush itself does not develop very well. And vice versa, it occurs in the mirror period - land plants develop and the growth of root systems is poorly carried out.

Potatoes belong to crops that grow down. Therefore, a descending period is most suitable for planting and caring for a plant. The best days are worth choosing, carefully tracking the calendar.

Why you shouldn't trust such calendars

The influence of the moon on life processes has long been proven, but it is only necessary to obey the requirements of this calendar if this is confirmed by common sense.

If the calendar is recommended to plant potatoes in early May, and the weather suggests otherwise, then it is better to postpone the planting. When weather conditions match with the "favorable days" of the moon, then you can plan to plant a root vegetable on this day.

Professional potato growers recommend looking first at the readiness of the soil. If the earth is warmed up, then only after this fact can we turn to the sowing calendar.

What time to plant without a calendar

The most important thing when planting is to observe the early seeding dates. Due to the observance of the dates, the root system develops, which leads to a good harvest.

Potatoes are planted based on the following principles:

  • tubers begin to grow at a soil temperature of +5 at a depth of 10 cm;
  • when planting it is very important to determine the exact time of seeding the crop. Sowing is calculated on the basis of the variety: early ripe, medium early, mid-season or late.
It is recommended to plant with germinated tubers. Production varietal potatoes are planted last.

To increase the yield and carry out quality work on your site, you can refer to the lunar calendar as an additional source. But to completely trust the calculation of favorable terms of landing is not worth it. Better to be prudent and focus on more real factors.