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Characteristics and description of potato varieties Zhukovsky


Potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables. There is a huge number of types of potatoes, among which the variety called "Zhukovsky". The variety is early, high-yielding, resistant to diseases.

Possesses good consumer qualities. The flesh is white, tasty, when boiled it does not boil soft, it does not darken on slices.

Appearance history

At the end of the last century, by crossing two varieties, it was possible to bring out resistant to disease and drought "Zhukovsky". It was intended mainly for temperate climates. Growing in different regions showed excellent results. Suitable for any climate of Russia.

In 1993, the variety is listed in the State Register of Varieties of the Russian Federation.


The starch content in Zhukovsky is about 10-15%.

Tuber mass hovers around 100-150 grams. According to the characteristics of the tubers can reach a mass of 170 grams with proper care and favorable natural conditions. Productivity is 3,5 kg / sq.m.

The grade possesses excellent tastes.
Zhukovsky has white flesh and does not boil soft

Variety description

Zhukovsky is a medium-sized shrub with dark green leaves. According to the description, bloom is abundant, but not long. Bushes look very elegant. Potatoes are propagated by tubers, since the ovary does not form after the flowers fall.

Tubers are mostly large, formed 10-12 pieces under a bush. Tubers of an oval form, pleasant pink or beige color with bright eyes.


"Zhukovsky" was specially bred in Russia, grown on different soils. It is early and brings harvest 2 months after landing.

Resistant to diseases. Feels great in the cold, tolerates drought well.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of this variety:

  • Matures quickly
  • Long stored
  • It does not require special care
  • Resistance to potato cancer, nematode, scab
Long storage - the advantage of the variety Zhukovsky

Disadvantages of "Zhukovsky":

  • Like all early varieties, with late harvest, taste deteriorates potatoes
  • With frequent rains affected by late blight

Growing up

The growing process is the same as in other types of early potatoes. "Zhukovsky" has several features.


This variety is not demanding on the quality of the soil, so it is grown throughout Russia.

The poor harvest is obtained on acidic, depleted soils. The flavor qualities of potatoes are reduced when grown in such soils. Tubers affect diseases.

Before planting a vegetable, it is important to prepare the soil. Preparation begins in the fall. They dig up the soil, the optimum depth is 25 cm. It is desirable to add fertilizers to the soil - ashes, compost.

With the arrival of spring, nitrogen fertilizers are applied, the soil is loosened and leveled.

In the spring, you need to make special fertilizers for potatoes

Growing methods

Depending on soil types and environmental conditions, they are fostering the best way to grow potatoes.

The most common among them are:

  • Flat landing
  • Crest
  • Trench

Flat landing

Flat landing is a method of cultivation, when the tubers are stacked in the hole and evenly covered with earth, without the formation of hills.

The depth of embedding into the soil is 8 cm.

Flat landing


The method called "Comb" is perfect for the regions of Siberia, where there is a risk of cooling, flooding.

Tubers are embedded in the soil by 5 cm, after sprouting they must pile up so that the sprout is covered with earth completely.

When the sprout reappears above the ground, spud again. This is done before the sprout reaches 15 cm.


Trench The method is suitable for dry regions. At a depth of 10 cm dig a trench. Fertilizers are applied.

Tubers are stacked upward and sprinkled with earth. The ground is covered with mulch, which helps retain moisture in the soil.

Sprouting tubers

Potato "Zhukovsky" tolerates low temperatures, it can be planted in the middle of spring. Seed tubers are prepared for germination since the middle of the end of March.

3 stages of germination:

  1. Prepare the seed. Tubers carefully inspect, select the best not affected by the disease
  2. Potatoes laid out in shallow containers, or simply poured on the floor
  3. Temperature is enough to start germinating +5 degrees. Seed tubers need diffused light, periodic moistening and ventilation
To start germination, you need a temperature of +5 degrees

Tubers are ready for planting when the skin turns green and sprouts reach a length of 1 cm.

Potatoes with thin sprouts are not suitable for planting, such seed material can be safely thrown away.


To protect the tubers from diseases, it is recommended to add wood ash to the holes.

The optimum temperature is +5 degrees. Tubers close up to a depth of about 5 cm. Distance tubers - 30 cm, between rows - 70 cm.

It is not recommended to choose the same place. growing potatoes. The best predecessors are: cucumbers, cabbage, legumes.


Caring for "Zhukovsky" potatoes is no different from caring for other varieties: weeding, loosening the soil, watering, hilling, pest control.

We need a weeding and loosening the potatoes to get enough oxygen

Weeding and loosening the soil is carried out even after the emergence of seedlings so that the weeds do not interfere with the healthy growth and nutrition of the sprouts. The lack of oxygen in the soil leads to a decrease in the size of tubers.

After emergence of shoots need to spud them. This procedure protects against frost, stimulates the formation of a strong root system. Hilling is done when the shoots have reached a height of approximately 5 cm.

The plant tolerates drought, excessive watering is destructive for him.

The worst enemy of the vegetable - Colorado beetle. The fight against him must begin in May. The variety favorably tolerates spraying against pests. It is possible to remove beetles manually.

Harvesting, storage

Harvesting is possible after expiration. 60 days from planting potatoes "Zhukovsky". This variety is resistant to mechanical damage, so it is possible harvesting automatic devices.

Zhukovsky variety can be dug out with an automatic tool

Keep the harvest should be in a dark room at a temperature +2 +5 degrees. An increase in temperature will lead to the germination of potatoes, and a decrease in frost penetration, deterioration and deterioration of taste.

The grade "Zhukovsky" is perfectly stored in bags or wooden boxes.

Potatoes variety "Zhukovsky" - an excellent vegetable, unpretentious in the care, high-yielding, suitable for cultivation in any region of the country.