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Detailed description and characteristics of the potato variety Colette


Colette is an early ripe potato variety that is very popular among gardeners and summer residents. Bred in Europe, the variety became widespread on the territory of our country due to its yield and good taste. Not the last role in the promotion of this potato has played and opportunity to grow two crops per season without loss of quality. A detailed description of this variety can be found below.

Variety and its features

Main characteristics

Colette's potatoes are bred by European breeders to make chips and french fries. The peculiarity of this variety is that it has a high yield.. In addition to excellent taste characteristics, the variety also copes with various diseases, such as late blight.

Early ripe variety of potato Colette

Maximum yields are obtained with the preliminary germination of tubers. In addition, planting is recommended taking into account the alternation of cultures. In this way, Colette potatoes will give a good harvest after planting legumes, perennials and winter varieties. Special care is not required, and protection from pests and diseases will increase the amount of the crop.


Fruits grow approximately the same size as an elongated shape. Colette refers to the early varieties Reaches for 60-75 days after landing in the ground and for the season can give fruit twice. Ripe potatoes have a soft yellow flesh. The mass of one potato reaches 130 grams.

The average weight of a potato tuber Kolette does not exceed 120-123 g

With regular watering Colette yields high yields of approximately 35 to 65 tons per hectare. The main features of the variety is that it has a smooth-to-touch peel of bright yellow color, weakly pronounced eyes and a rounded or rounded oblong shape. The starch content in this variety is minimal - 12-18%.

Advantages and disadvantages

Colette potato suitable for processing into chips

Among the advantages emit:

  • high yield;
  • opportunity to grow two harvests per season;
  • good ones taste qualities;
  • high persistence tubers;
  • stamina to various plant diseases;
  • fast germination.

Tubers grow quickly and give maximum growth. In addition, these fruits have the same shape and weight. Among the disadvantages are the fact that growing such a variety is not beneficial on all types of soil. This is due to the fact that Colette is a heat-loving variety that requires irrigation and regular thinning.. With regard to reviews, then the producers of potato products and farmers, they are mostly positive.

Features of cultivation of potato Coletta

Terms of planting potatoes Colette in the regions vary significantly

When to plant? The terms of planting of Colette tubers in the regions of our country vary considerably. In the southern regions this is the end of April - the beginning of May, in the central and northern - the middle and the end of May. An indicator for the start of agricultural work is sufficient soil moisture, its warming up and the absence of frost on the ground and in the air. After all, early and late planting of potatoes often leads to lower yields.

How to plant?

It is possible to increase the yield if the tubers are heated until small sprouts are formed on them. It is better to plant seed in rows. The width of the row spacing is at least 75 cmand the distance between the plants in the row is 30 cm.

Before planting, planting potatoes are processed to stimulate growth and protect against disease with drugs: Prestige, Cruiser, Albit, Force.

Planted potatoes require proper care for a good harvest.

How to care?

In the process of growing Colette should perform a number of mandatory activitiesth:

  • Hilling - carried out in several stages during the growth of the stems. The first time should be “burnt” row from two sides after the appearance of the first 2-4 leaves above the ground (you can close the seedlings completely with the ground). This will protect the gentle shoots from low temperatures at night. The next 1-2 hilling is carried out before the flowering of potatoes;
  • Soil loosening and weed removal. Conducted as the appearance of malicious plants. The first loosening can be carried out before the emergence of shoots. In this case, the tool should not be deepened more than 1-1.5 cm in order not to damage the shoots. Subsequent procedures are convenient to combine with hilling;
  • Watering is carried out if there is no rain. It is very important that the soil was wet, while it should not be excessively wetted.
  • Top dressing. It is carried out 2-3 times before the beginning of flowering with the preparations Nitrofozka, Mortar or Effecton. The first dressing should be made if the tops are thin, and the leaves have a light color. The second and third time “feed” bushes should be at intervals of 10 days.
Be sure to spray the pest potatoes - the Colorado potato beetle. This will give the opportunity to save the crop without loss.

How to get 2 crops in 1 season?

Colette is an early ripe variety, allowing to grow 2 harvests from spring to autumn without problems. With proper care, the first harvest is obtained in mid-July.. Drying tops serve as a signal to start harvesting. You can dig up bushes both manually and with the help of technology, which significantly speeds up the harvesting process. After harvesting the potatoes, the soil is weeded away from weeds and dry tops, cultivated and moisturized. After that, you can start planting potatoes. Planting and maintenance activities are similar to those performed when receiving the first harvest.

Colette potatoes have a very good immunity to pathogens of potato cancer.

Colette variety is an option for getting a big harvest in one season. With this he well kept until spring, resistant to late blight and diseaseIt is not damaged during transportation. Potato Kolette is the best option for both individual cultivation and for farms.